The Rise of My Sister’s Fault: A Story of Sweet Success

The Rise of My Sister’s Fault: A Story of Sweet Success

A small town like Milford has a unique bakery that the locals and tourists cannot help but fall in love with. The name, My Sister’s Fault, is an intriguing screen which indicates the concept of sharing as well as family bonding and is an epitome of realizing dreams, commitment to hard work, and essence of freshly baked pastries. In essence this is the story about two sisters who converted their passion for baking into a successful business. One mouthwatering bite at a time.

From Humble Beginnings

The journey of My Sister’s Fault began with sisters Rous and Angie Robles. Both had careers that fulfilled them but shared a lifelong dream of opening a bakery. This dream was baked from their childhood, where they were often found in the kitchen under their grandmother’s tutelage in Puerto Rico, learning the delicate art of pastries and sweets. As they grew, so did their skills and aspirations. “It started as a playful idea between us,” Rous explains, her eyes lighting up with the memory. “We always said that if we ever did it, we’d call it My Sister’s Fault because Angie always blames me for getting her into baking!”

The conceptual phase was as organic as their ingredients. The sisters wanted a bakery that felt like home, where every customer would leave happier than they came. They spent countless nights sketching out ideas. From interior designs inspired by their Caribbean roots to a menu that blended traditional flavors with modern twists. “Every recipe has a story,” Angie adds. “We wanted our bakery to be a place where those stories could be shared and enjoyed.” They pooled their savings, secured a loan, and found the perfect spot in downtown Milford—a cozy corner that beckoned with potential. The location was strategic, near bustling shops and a local community college, promising a steady flow of patrons.

Building the Brand: Challenges and Sweet Victories

Transforming the space into My Sister’s Fault was a labor of love peppered with challenges. The building needed significant renovations, and neither sister had run a business before. They learned on the fly, from acquiring the right permits to mastering the logistics of supply chains. “We faced each challenge together,” Rous reflects. “There were days we questioned our sanity, but every time we perfected a new recipe or cleared another bureaucratic hurdle, it felt like a victory.” Their efforts paid off. The warm, inviting ambiance of My Sister’s Fault, combined with its mouth-watering aromas, quickly drew people in. The bakery became a hit, known for its innovative cakes and the sisters’ signature dish—flaky, buttery pastries filled with tropical fruits.

What truly sets My Sister’s Fault apart is its commitment to community. Early on, the sisters decided to use their bakery as a platform to support local events and charities. They host baking classes, sponsor local sports teams, and participate in community festivals. “Our business is about more than just selling pastries,” Angie says. “It’s about building relationships and supporting each other. We’ve met so many incredible people through this journey.”

Their approach has created a loyal customer base. Regulars don’t just come for the food but for the familiar, friendly faces. The bakery has become a meeting spot, a place to celebrate, and a part of the community’s fabric.

Future Flavors: Expanding the Dream

Looking ahead, the sisters have big plans for My Sister’s Fault. They are exploring options to expand their menu and perhaps open another location. But, no matter how large they grow, their mission remains the same: to make life a little sweeter for everyone they meet.

“We started this for the love of baking and our community,” Rous concludes. “Every step forward is exciting, but it’s the smiles we bring to faces that truly measure our success.”

My Sister’s Fault exemplifies how passion, when mixed with resilience and a pinch of creativity, can concoct a recipe for success. For Rous and Angie, the bakery is more than a business—it’s a fulfillment of a dream, a center of community, and a testament to the enduring strength of sisterhood. This bakery doesn’t just serve food; it serves up joy, proving that sometimes, the best things in life are indeed worth the risk.

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